Remnants Of The Wall

On November 3rd 2019, German striker Sebastian Polter scored from a late penalty to earn a 1-0 victory for FC Union Berlin over their city rivals Hertha Berlin, in the first ever Berlin Derby in the history of Bundesliga. It wasn’t particularly a prestigious regional derby akin to those of Glasgow, Manchester, Milan, or even capital derbies in Madrid and Roma. But it was surely one for the history books, and a gateway to understand German football a little bit more.

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For The Peace. For The Money

The grand-old idea that football – the most important, unimportant thing in the world – can bring people of all kinds together into one joyful occasion and set their problems aside, can go one of two ways. It can be this genuine, organic thing, or it can be this delusional, made-up narrative carried out by diabolical elitists and lobbyists for the betterment of their personal interests. If you are skeptical of the latter, then you haven’t heard of our dear friend Gianni Infantino.

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Fair Publicity and Equal Chance

Raheem Sterling has had a pretty stellar season so far. The 24-year-old has scored 10 goals and 9 assists in his 24 appearances for Manchester City this season, as his team go toe-to-toe with Liverpool in the battle for the Premier League title while also have high hopes in the Champions League. However, the increasing frequency of his name being mentioned by the media, in the UK or globally, is not because of his on-field performances.

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The Ugly Side Of The Coin

Football, as anything else, has a side that no one really likes to talk about, and a side that everyone wishes wasn’t real. An ugly side of the coin that seems to be ingrained in football’s history and identity. On Sunday, 23rd of September, a man left his home to support his beloved team many miles away. He never came back. Another tragedy, among many, that shows how violence has been so prevalent in world football. Unfortunately.

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A Tournament That Creates Dynasties

The UEFA Champions League is back with a bang after a cracking opening night. Europe’s big guns facing each other makes a fascinating and entertaining – sometimes even nail-biting – watch for football fans around the world. Tons of memories of iconic moments bring colour to this historic competition that is often widely regarded as the pinnacle of European football. But away from the spotlight and the spectacle, few problems arose across Europe.

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All Is Fair In Love And VAR

The football’s biggest stage brought the world’s attention to the most debated feature that is new to football. Having previously applied in Serie A and FA Cup matches, the Video Assistant Referee – known shortly as VAR – attracts debate after debate all tournament round. After a few days of being seemingly under the radar, VAR was once again under the spotlight, this time during last night’s World Cup final. However, the debate that erupted subsequently lies deeper than mere technicalities.

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England’s Coming Of Age

From driving Middlesbrough into relegation in 2009, to masterminding England into the semi-final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup – also uniting the nation in the process. The waistcoat merchant known as Gareth Southgate emerges as one of several signs that this might be the start of something special and exciting for English football. Or not. It’s England anyway.

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Allez Bloody Allez

I have been following and supporting Liverpool for roughly 13 years, and the last eight years is probably my most active period of following this club. To be honest, I’ve never been the optimistic type – always wary of what type of bullshittery this Liverpool team will conjure up. This mentality is a result of bearing countless of disappointments, and the defeat in the Champions League final is another example of said disappointments. But, somehow, this feels a little bit different.

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Burnley, Basque, and The Footballing Populists

In a world where progressive globalism appears to be the main demand – the blurred lines of borders, the free-flowing labor, all in the name of “progress” – I personally find it daring and somewhat controversial to see someone hold dearly the populist values and avoiding the melting pot. Because that’s what this is about, isn’t it? – culture and identity the two ever-growing topics of discussion. In football, that’s no different, apparently.

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