The Ugly Side Of The Coin

Football, as anything else, has a side that no one really likes to talk about, and a side that everyone wishes wasn’t real. An ugly side of the coin that seems to be ingrained in football’s history and identity. On Sunday, 23rd of September, a man left his home to support his beloved team many miles away. He never came back. Another tragedy, among many, that shows how violence has been so prevalent in world football. Unfortunately.

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A Tournament That Creates Dynasties

The UEFA Champions League is back with a bang after a cracking opening night. Europe’s big guns facing each other makes a fascinating and entertaining – sometimes even nail-biting – watch for football fans around the world. Tons of memories of iconic moments bring colour to this historic competition that is often widely regarded as the pinnacle of European football. But away from the spotlight and the spectacle, few problems arose across Europe.

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